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Affiliates and Regional Societies Information


Listed below are links to the webpages for the Regional and Affiliate Societies of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, and information about: officers/contacts; publications; awards; and dues.

This page, like the schedule of Affiliate Societies conference dates, is updated as needed. Please help keep information current by sending updates to:

Rivka Swenson
Affiliates Coordinator, ASECS
Department of English
Virginia Commonwealth University
900 Park Ave, Hibbs Bldg., Room 306
P.O. Box 842005
Richmond, VA 23284-2005

American Antiquarian Society

OFFICERS: President: Ellen Dunlap
Vice President of External Affairs: Matthew Shakespeare
Marcus McCorison Librarian: Thomas Knoles
Vice President for Programs and Outreach: James David Moran
PUBLICATIONS: Common-Place: the journal of early American life, editors Anna Mae Duane and Walter Woodward; newsletter, Almanac; staff blog, Past is Present
AWARDS: Long-term and short-term visiting fellowships

Bibliographical Society of America

OFFICERS: President: Martin Antonetti
Vice President: Michael T. Ryan

Secretary: Barbara Heritage
Treasurer: G. Scott Clemons; Brown Brothers Harriman
Executive Director: Michèle E. Randall

PUBLICATIONS: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, editor David L. Grants; BibSite, webmaster/editor Donna Sy

AWARDS: ($1000) William L. Mitchell Prize for Bibliography or Documentary Work on Early British Periodicals or Newspapers; ($3000) Justin G. Schiller Prize for Bibliographical Work on Pre-20th-Century Children’s Books; ($2000) St. Louis Mercantile Library Prize for work on American printing history and bibliography ($3000-$6000); fellowships; New Scholars Program

DUES: $65 individual; $20 graduate student; $100 contributing $100; $250 sustaining; lifetime membership $1250

Burney Society North America

OFFICERS: President: Elaine Bander
Vice President: Stewart Cooke
Treasurer: Roberta Brody
Membership/Secretary: Cheryl D. Clark

PUBLICATIONS: The Burney Journal (annual), editor Marilyn Francus (; The Burney Letter (semi-annual), editor, Lorna Clark

AWARDS: Hemlow Prize ($250), awarded to the best essay written by a graduate student on any aspect of the life and writings of Frances Burney. The winning essay is published in The Burney Journal

DUES: $20 individual


Burney Society UK

OFFICERS: President: Peter Sabor 
Chairperson: Miriam Al Jamil

Communications and Minutes Secretary: Trudie Messent
Membership Secretary, and Treasurer: Deborah Jones

Committee Members: Sophie Coulombeau, Margaret Tarplee, Cassie Ulph, Francesca Saggini, Gillian Skinner, Helen Cooper

PUBLICATIONS: See above under Burney Society North America

DUES: £15 individual, ₤25 joint membership


Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (CSECS)/Société canadienne d’étude du dix-huitième siècle (SCEDHS)

OFFICERS: President: Armelle St-Martin
Secretary: Isabelle Tremblay
Treasurer: Greg Morgan

Conference Presidents: Betty Schellenberg and Diana Solomon
Webmaster: Allison Muri
Graduate Student Representatives: Nevena Martinovic Dedicated ASECS Delegate: Don Nichol

PUBLICATIONS: Lumen, editors Nicolas Dion and Corinne Harol

AWARDS: D. W. Smith fellowship; ($250 and publication) Mark-Madoff Prize, best graduate paper from conference

DUES: Create account for access to dues structure


Daniel Defoe Society

OFFICERS: Past President: Max Novak

President: John Richetti

Vice President: Katherine Ellison
Director: Andreas Mueller  
Project Coordinator: Kit Kincade
Secretary: Ben Pauley
Treasurer: Sharon Alker
Liaison Officer: Rivka Swenson
At-Large Members: Nicholas Seager, Stephen Gregg, Manushag Powell, Dwight Codr

Graduate Student Representative: Carol Guarnieri

Listserv master: Sharon Alker

PUBLICATIONS: Digital Defoe, editors Christopher Loar and Adam Sills; book review editor, Jason Pearl; technical editor, Nicole Keller

AWARDS (Biannual, $200 each): Max Novak Prize for best article/essay/book chapter on Defoe; J. Paul Hunter Prize for best graduate student paper at the conference; Sharon Alker, Katherine Ellison, and Holly Faith Nelson Prize for best essay in Digital Defoe

DUES: $35 individual, or $60 for 2 years; $15 for graduate students, or $20 for two years; $250 lifetime membership


Early Caribbean Society

OFFICERS: President: Richard Frohock

Vice President: Kelly Wisecup

Secretary-Treasurer: Cassander L. Smith   
PUBLICATIONS: digital project, The Early Caribbean Digital Archive, project managers Elizabeth Maddock Dillon and Nicole Aljoe

DUES: $30 individual; $10 graduate students, independent scholars; $20 staff at historic sites, museums, libraries


East-Central American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ECASECS)

OFFICERS: Executive Secretary: Peter Staffel

President: Eugene Hammond
Vice President: Matt Kinservik

Past President: Eleanor Shevlin
Webmaster: Susan C. Beam

Elected Board Members: John Heins, Joanne Myers, Ellen Moody

PUBLICATIONS: The Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer, editor Jim May

AWARDS ($150, second place $100): S. Eric Molin Award for best graduate student conference paper

DUES: $25 individual, $40 joint membership; $15 student; $250 lifetime membership

Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society

OFFICERS: President: Leith Davis
Vice President: Craig Smith

Executive Secretary: Richard B. Sher (973) 596-3377 
Members at Large: Michael Amrozowicz and Katherine Nicolai

Executive Board: John Cairns, Leith Davis, Jack Hill, Catherine Jones, Ned Landsman, Craig Smith, Mark Spencer, Mark Towsey

PUBLICATIONS: Eighteenth-Century Scotland; and multi-author volume series Studies in Eighteenth-Century Scotland (Bucknell UP), general editor, Richard Sher; newsletter, editor Richard B. Sher

AWARDS: Daiches-Manning Memorial Fellowship at IASH, U of Edinburgh; graduate student conference bursaries

DUES: $35 or £21, individual; $18 or £11, graduate student, unwaged, or retired; $60 or £36, supporting; $240 or £144, 5-year supporting

Germaine de Staël Society for Revolutionary and Romantic Studies

OFFICERS: President: Stephanie Genand

Vice President: Michel Delon

Secretary: Blandine Poirier

Treasurer: Aline Hodroge

Board: Fabienne Bercegol, Laura Broccardo, Leonard Burnand, Michel Delon, Catherine Dubeau, Stephanie Genand, Aline Hodroge, Blandine Poirier, Catriona Seth  
PUBLICATIONS: Cahiers staëliens

DUES: 30 €, individual; 15 €, student

Goethe Society of North America

OFFICERS: President: Daniel Purdy (814-865-1353)

Vice President: Catriona MacLeod

Executive Secretary: Birgit Tautz

Directors at Large: Heidi Schlipphacke, John H. Smith

Secretary-Treasurer: Christian Weber

Editor of the Book Series: Karin Schutjer
Editor of the Newsletter & Webmaster: Burkhard Henke

PUBLICATIONS: The Goethe Yearbook, editors Patricia Ann Simpson and Birgit Tautz; newsletter, Goethe News and Notes; book series New Studies in the “Age of Goethe” (Bucknell UP), general editor Karin Schutjer

AWARDS ($500 each, annually): two GSNA Essay Prizes for best essays on Goethe and his times and/or contemporaries; Richard Sussman Essay Prize for best essay on Goethe and science/history of science

AWARDS (triannually): Gloria Flaherty Scholarship, awarded to graduate students for dissertation workshop participation at the GSNA’s international Atkins conferences

DUES: $36.35, tenured; $26.05, non-tenured; $10, graduate students and emeriti; $100, patrons; institutions, $41.50


Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture

OFFICERS: President: Amelia Rauser
Treasurer: Christina Lindeman
Newsletter Editor: Craig Hanson

18-AAS Listserv: contact

PUBLICATIONS: newsletter, Enfilade

AWARDS: Wiebenson Prize for best graduate student paper presented at a scholarly conference or a sponsored lecture; Mary Vidal Memorial fund for research travel, conference presentation, and image permissions)

DUES: $25 individual; $5 graduate student


Ibero-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (IASECS)

OFFICERS: President: Madeline Sutherland-Meier

Vice President: Renee Gutiérrez

Secretary/Treasurer: Catherine Jaffe

Members-at-Large: Elena Deanda, Clorinda Donato, Mehl Penrose

Immediate Past President: Kathleen Fueger

PUBLICATIONS: Dieciocho: Hispanic Enlightenment, editor David T. Gies

AWARDS: ($250) Pilar G. Sáenz Student Essay Prize; (up to $400) María Salgado Student Travel Grants; 2 ASECS Registration Fee Grants

DUES: $20 individual; $10 graduate students


International Adam Smith Society

OFFICERS: President: Sandra Peart

Secretary-Treasurer: Christopher Martin
PUBLICATIONS: The Adam Smith Review, editor Fonna Forman-Barzilai,

DUES: $80 individual; $90 non-U.S.

The International Herder Society

OFFICERS: President: Liisa Steinby

Vice President: Nigel DeSouza

Secretary-Treasurer North America: Johannes Schmidt

Secretary-Treasurer Europe, Africa, Asia: Heinrich Clairmont

PUBLICATIONS: Herder Yearbook, editors Rainer Godel and Joannes Schmidt; volumes of conference proceedings; newsletter

DUES: $50 individual; $25 students, emeriti, independent scholars

Lessing Society

OFFICERS: President and Managing Director: Carl Niekerk

Vice President: Ortrud Gutjahr

Committee: John A. McCarthy, Monika Fick, Willi Goetschel, Steven D. Martinson, Monika Nenon, Herb Rowland

Executive Secretary: Carl Niekerk

Secretary Treasurer: Mary Helen Dupree

Book Review Editor: Monika Nenon

PUBLICATIONS: Lessing Yearbook/Jahrbuch; Novelties; newsletter, Notes and Notices

DUES: $35 individual or institution; $25 graduate student; $75 sustaining membership

Midwestern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (MWASECS)

OFFICERS: President: Jennifer Frangos
Past President: Susan Spencer University

Treasurer/Secretary: Jeanne Hageman
Webmaster: Geremy Carnes
Lexi Stuckey (University of Tulsa)--Web Manager 
Members at Large: Scott Breuninger, Sheila Hwang, Sharon Smith

DUES: $10 individual, joint membership $17

Mozart Society of America

OFFICERS: President: Paul Corneilson
Vice President: Edmund J. Goehring 
Secretary: Beverly Wilcox
Treasurer: Matthew Leone

PUBLICATIONS: newsletter, editor Christopher Lynch, review editor Emily Wuchner

AWARDS: ($500) Marjorie Weston Emerson Award for the best edition, book, or article about Mozart published during the preceding 2 years

DUES: $50 individual or institution; $30 graduate students, emeriti


North American British Music Studies Association (NABMSA)

OFFICERS: President: Eric Saylor

Vice President: Linda Austern

Secretary: Danielle Ward-Griffin

Treasurer: Therese Ellsworth

Board of Directors: Christina Baade, Jenny Doctor, K. Dawn Grapes, Alison Mero, Imani Mosley, Christopher Scheer

PUBLICATIONS: NABMSA Reviews; blog; newsletter

AWARDS: Diana McVeagh Book Prize; Nicholas Temperley Student Paper Prize; Ruth Solie Prize for Outstanding Article on British Music

DUES: $25 individual; graduate student $12.50

North American Kant Society


President: Andrew Chignell 

Vice President: Huaping Lu-Adler

Treasurer: Anne Margaret Baxley

PUBLICATIONS: NAKS Newsletter (members only) 

PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES (virtual): Virtual NAKS (ongoing) 

AWARDS: Wilfred Sellars Essay Prize for junior scholars; Senior Prize for senior scholars (alternating between essay and book prizes) 

DUES: FREE for graduate students; $1,200 for lifetime membership; other levels ranging from $20 to $165

Northeast American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (NEASECS)

OFFICERS: President: Joseph Bartolomeo

First Vice President: Todd Gilman
Second Vice President: Katherine Mannheimer

Executive Board: Catherine Gallouet, Eric Klaus, Nancy Johnson, Sonia, Kane, Kristin O'Rourke, James Caudle, Paul Young, Claire Baldwin, Robert De Maria
Secretary-Treasurer: Melissa Bissonette 
Newsletter Editor: John H. O’Neill; email:

DUES: $25 individual; $20 graduate student, emeriti, independent scholars

AWARDS: Travel grants for graduate students presenting papers (up to 6 for $300) and Edna Steeves Prize ($300) for best graduate paper delivered at the annual conference.

Northwest Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (NWSECS)

OFFICERS: Chief Officer: Marvin Lansverk

Rousseau Association

OFFICERS: President: Ourida Mostefai  
Vice President: Brigitte Weltman-Aron 

Secretary-Treasurer: Jason Neidleman

Webmaster: Michael O’Dea

Board Members: Robin Doglass, Nathan Martin, Dennis Rasmussen, Zev Trachtenberg, Masano Yamashita

PUBLICATIONS: Volumes published with Voltaire Foundation and Rodopi

DUES: $20 individual; $10 graduate students, emeriti 

Samuel Richardson Society

OFFICERS: President: Emily Friedman

Samuel Johnson Society of the Central Region

OFFICERS: Secretary/Treasurer Stephen Karian

DUES: $3

Samuel Johnson Society of the West

OFFICERS: Secretary: Myron Yeager

DUES: $25

Society of Early Americanists

OFFICERS: President: Gordon Sayre
Vice President: Patrick M. Erben
Executive Coordinator: Ralph Bauer

List serv Moderator (EARAM-L): Raymond Craig 

PUBLICATIONS: Newsletter, SEAN, editor Mary M. Balkun;

AWARDS: ($100) Annual Essay Competition, best Americanist paper from conference, ASECS, or any ASECS affiliate society conference

DUES: option levels range from $40 to $104

Society for Eighteenth-Century Music

OFFICERS: President: Sarah Eyerly

Secretary-Treasurer: Evan Cortens

PUBLICATIONS: newsletter, editor Alison C. DeSimone

DUES: $30 individual; $15 institutional members, graduate students, emeriti, reduced income


Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP)

OFFICERS: President: Sydney Shep
Vice President: Shef Rogers
Membership Secretary and Coordinator of North American Membership Secretary, North American Liaison, Dedicated ASECS Liaison: Eleanor F. Shevlin
Treasurer: James Wald
Recording Secretary: Corinna Norrick
Director of Transnational Affairs: Simon R. Frost

Director for Publications and Awards: Claire Squires

Member at Large: Martyn Lyons

Director of Electronic Resources: Jason Ensor

Acting Director for Conferences: Josee Vincent

PUBLICATIONS: Book History, editors Jonathan Rose, Greg Barnhisel, and Beth Le Roux; SHARP News, editor Padmini Murray; Lingua Franca, editors Martyn Lyons, Susan Pickford; SHARP News

AWARDS: ($400 and publication) Book History Essay Prize, best graduate student submission; ($1000) DeLong Book History Prize; Award for Distinguished Achievement

DUES: $62 individual, $85 joint membership; $38 graduate students, independent scholars, emeriti


South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

President: Kevin Cope 
Vice President: Kristen Hague
Past President: Ashley Bender

Director of Media and Internet Services: Susan Spencer
Secretary/Treasurer: Kathryn Duncan
Venues Committee Chair: Kevin Cope

Members at Large: John J. Burke, Jr., James Thorson, Connie Capers Thorson, Gloria Eive, Phyllis Thompson, Joyce Palmer

Asian and European Liaisons: Samara Cahill, Jessika Wichner

Member at Small: David Paxman

PUBLICATIONS: newsletter

AWARDS: ($200) Prizes for best conference paper, best graduate student paper; SCSECS Presidential Prize for publication of best conference paper in the next issue of 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, editor Kevin Cope; The Noel Foundation Fellowship for study of printed texts of “the (very) long 18th century”

DUES: $15 individual

Southeast Asian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

OFFICERS: President: Anne Thell

Vice President: Sam Cahill

Treasurer: Wing Sze Leung

Web Manager: Emily Kugler

Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (SEASECS)



President: Jonathan Mercantini, (History, Kean Univ., 2023)

Secretary: Shea Stuart (English, Gardner-Webb, 2022),        

Archivist: Bryan Rindfleisch (History, Marquette, 2023),

Past President: Marta Kvande (English, Texas Tech Univ., 2023)

Journal Editor: Joe Johnson (French, Clayton State),

Vice President:  Patty Hamilton (English, Union University, 2023),

Treasurer: Arthur  Kölzow (French, ETSU, 2023),

PUBLICATIONS: New Perspectives on the Eighteenth Century, editor Joe Johnson, SEASECS Gazette

AWARDS: ($500) Annibel Jenkins Prize in Performance and Theater Studies; ($500) Percy G. Adams Prize; ($1000) Undergraduate Teaching Prize; ($300) Graduate Student Essay PrizeGraduate Student Travel Grants

DUES:  $30 individual; $40 contributing; $10 student

Voltaire Foundation

OFFICERS: Director of the Board: Nicholas Cronk

Secretary of the Board: Alexis Tadié

General Editor and Senior Research Fellow: Gregory S. Brown

Publisher and Director of Business Development: Clare Fletcher

Voltaire Society of America

OFFICERS: President: John R. Iverson 

Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

OFFICERS President: Timothy Erwin

Vice President: Gregory S. Brown

Treasurer/Secretary: Treadwell Ruml

Committee Members: Jennifer Bent, Jonathan Lee
AWARDS: ($250) Helene W. Koon Memorial Prize for best conference paper by graduate student or junior faculty member

DUES: Folded into conference registration fee


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