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All members of ASECS receive a one-year subscription to the society's quarterly journal Eighteenth-Century Studies; may purchase the annual journal Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (SECC) at a discount; and are eligible to propose panels and appear on the program of the Annual meeting and to apply for ASECS travel grants and library fellowships. Individual memberships are available in several categories, as are institutional memberships.

ASECS is a member of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS).  Members of ASECS are therefore eligible to participate in the quadrennial ISECS Congress and to apply to the ISECS Seminars for Early Career Scholars.  Visit the ISECS website for more information.


Join/Renew ASECS Membership Online

When filling out your membership form, please use the email address at which you wish to be contacted by ASECS.  If you use multiple addresses, the address in our database is the default through which we will reach you with official business.

ASECS Membership Rates

Income below $50,000: 1-yr rate - $50; 3-yr rate - $130 

Income below $50,000 plus current volume of SECC: $85; 3-yr rate - $235

Income between $50,000 and $100,000: 1-yr rate - $90; 3-yr rate - $250

Income between $50,000 and $100,000 plus current volume of SECC: $125

Income above $100,000: 1-yr rate - $125; 3-yr rate - $350

Income above $100,000 plus current volume of SECC: 1-yr rate - $160; 3-yr rate - $455​

Emeriti: 1-yr rate - $50.00; 3-yr rate - $130

Emeriti plus current volume of SECC: 1-yr rate - $85; 3-yr rate - $235

Student: 1-yr rate - $40; 3-yr rate - $100

Student plus current volume of SECC: 1-yr rate - $75; 3-yr rate - $205

Patron plus current volume of SECC: 1 yr rate - $200; 3 yr rate - $575

Joint Membership (Primary member must join before joint member): 1 yr rate  - $35.00; 3 yr rate - $100

Institutional Membership: 1 yr  rate - $200.00; 3 yr rate- $580

Lifetime Member: $1500

Lifetime Patron Member includes lifetime subscription to SECC: $4000

Change of Address/Membership Questions


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