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ASECS Graduate Student Caucus

The Graduate Student Caucus of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) organizes panels of professional and scholarly interest, runs a mentoring program to connect graduate students with scholars, awards a mentoring prize each year to recognize outstanding faculty, and generally promotes the “next generation” of eighteenth-century scholars.

ASECS Theatre and Performance Caucus

The Theatre and Performance Caucus aims to bridge disciplines and geographies, bringing together scholars from the diverse fields mentioned above with the goal of deepening our understanding of Restoration and eighteenth-century performance culture through collaboration and the exchange of ideas from different scholarly perspectives and methodologies. Now moving into its third year of existence, the TaPS caucus is working on establishing a graduate student paper prize and hosting a performance event at the annual meeting. 

ASECS Women's Caucus 

The Women's Caucus grew out of efforts in the mid-seventies to ensure equitable representation of women and women's concerns within ASECS. In its more than forty-year history, it has served as a forum for discussing topics related to women in the field of 18th-century studies and for evaluating the status of women in the profession.

Society for Eighteenth-Century French Studies

The Society for Eighteenth-Century French Studies was founded in 1997 to encourage and advance studies and research in eighteenth-century culture in France and all francophone countries.


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