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Maynard Mack Professor Emeritus Claude Rawson Is Elected the President of the International Associat

In the 7 th Convention of the International Association for Ethical Literary Criticism held at Queen Mary University of London, Claude Rawson, Maynard Mack Professor Emeritus of English at Yale University was elected president of the International Association for Ethical Literary Criticism (IAELC). Yale English feels very pleased to be the institute that hosts the president of IAELC. It is not only an honor for Professor Rawson but also a privilege of Yale English. The election of Professor Rawson aptly demonstrates the department’s global academic impact.

Claude Rawson is the author of several books on Swift, Fielding and other eighteenth-century authors. He is General Editor of the Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, the Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jonathan Swift, the Blackwell Critical Biographies and the Unwin Critical Library. His two latest books are: Swift’s Angers (2014) and Swift and Others (2015), both with Cambridge University Press. Rawson is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and he has lectured widely in Europe, the Americas, Australasia and the Far East.

Established in 2012, IAELC is devoted to the study of literature from the perspective of Ethical Literary Criticism. It provides a forum and resource for scholars and advanced students all over the world an opportunity to share their findings in the study of literature and ethics. IAELC, with active members from more than forty countries, expands the possibilities for studies of Ethical Literary Criticism through an annual international conference.

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