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Julia Douthwaite Viglione, The Frankenstein of the Apple Crate: A Possibly True Story of the Monster

Announcing Honey Girl Books and Gifts LLC, The Frankenstein of the Apple Crate, and talent search for future children's book writers!

Est. July 2018, HGBG aims to produce children’s books that connect academic discoveries to a broader audience. Read the first book in our series, based on discoveries explained in my 2012 scholarly book, The Frankenstein of 1790 (Univ. of Chicago Press):

Julia Douthwaite Viglione, The Frankenstein of the Apple Crate: A Possibly True Story of the Monster’s Origins, illus. Karen Neis, with notes by Eileen Hunt Botting and Greg Kucich. 35 pages, ages 8 and up. Paperback, hardcover and e-book, available on Amazon and via https://www.honeygirlbooks.com/

Scholars and grad students: do you have a story to tell? HGBG is always on the lookout for talent. We publish original, illustrated 32-page storybooks that are:

-Based on a scholarly discovery or important concept or event

-Engaging, well-written and fun to read aloud

-For readers ages 8 and up

-With brief historical and biographical notes by scholars or experts in the field

-Illustrated by a young artist who we will commission with your collaboration