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ASECS Harassment Policy Draft: Feedback Invited

In February 2019, the ASECS Executive Board approved a statement condemning all forms of harassment at the Society’s meetings, events, and other activities. This year the Steering Committee of the Board, in consultation with the Society’s DEIA Advisory Committee, has been drafting a policy that will establish an Ombuds for the Society and a Harassment Committee to hear complaints and administer penalties when warranted. The Steering Committee now has a draft it would like to share with the general membership. This draft can be found here. We have set up a Gmail account to which members can submit their comments on the draft. These comments will be kept confidential; they will only be viewed by the Executive Board prior to its final deliberations and vote on the policy. Comments should be submitted to

Thank you in advance for your participation in this process. The Executive Board believes it is important to seek input from the entire membership on a matter of such complexity and importance. The Gmail account will be open for comments for a period of one week, beginning on 13 May 2020.

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