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Announcement: ASECS Graduate Student Caucus Excellence in Mentorship Award

ASECS Graduate Student Caucus Excellence in Mentorship Award

The ASECS Graduate Student Caucus Excellence in Mentorship Award was established by the Society’s Executive Board in 2007 at the behest of the Graduate Student Caucus in order to honor faculty who have taught, led, and motivated their students in the study of the long eighteenth century.

The GSC will look most favorably upon nominations that can demonstrate the following: the candidate’s commitment to their students’ short- and long-term goals, their effectiveness in helping students to navigate graduate school coursework and requirements, their ability to guide and inspire students in the exchange of ideas, research and writing; and their success in seeking and securing opportunities for their mentees, such as conference presentations, publications, fellowships, and/or grant awards.

Nominees need not be a member of ASECS at the time of the award but are expected to join the Society and to participate in the GSC professionalization panel at the Annual Meeting the following year.  

Nomination Information

A nomination should be organized by a member of ASECS who is not a current student/advisee of the nominee. This individual should write one of the nomination letters, obtain the nominee's C.V., solicit additional letters of support, and submit the materials to the chair of the Graduate Student Caucus, Kristin Distel at

Nominations should include:

Three letters of support. Letters should discuss the ways in which the nominee has supported and fostered the teaching and scholarly/professional goals of mentees and should describe specific instances that demonstrate their qualities as an effective mentor. Letters may come from former students, colleagues, collaborators, and others qualified to speak to the nomination. Together the letters should provide evidence for the range, excellence, consistency, and salutary impact of the nominee’s mentoring history. The maximum length for each letter is two single-spaced pages.The nominee’s 5-page C.V. The nomination organizer should highlight, and where necessary explain, items that are particularly relevant to the Mentorship Award.

Deadlines and Notification

This year’s deadline for submitting nominations is February 1, 2019. By February 15, the award recipient will be informed of their selection and their name posted on the Graduate Student Caucus website. The winner of the award will be recognized at the ASECS Annual Meeting. The winner is expected to present on the Graduate Student Caucus’s professional development panel at the Annual Meeting the following year.

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