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ASECS 2021 Travel Awards Postponement

Libraries and archives remain closed, travel is restricted, and the progress of the pandemic unpredictable. Applications for ASECS travel grants normally are due on January 1, but we cannot know when libraries will open or scholars will be allowed to cross international borders. Following consultation with the trustees of the travel awards funds, therefore, it has been decided that ASECS will postpone the application process for 2021 awards until travel becomes comparatively normal. That might mean giving two sets of awards in the 2022 cycle, or it might mean announcing a special 2021 awards process next summer or fall, should conditions improve more quickly.

This postponement applies to the travel awards administered by ASECS. The Daiches-Manning Memorial Fellowship in Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies, the A.C. Elias, Jr., Irish-American Research Travel Fellowship, and the Mary D. Sheriff Research and Travel Award will be awarded in 2020-2021; more information is available at

ASECS remains firmly committed to supporting the scholarly needs of our members and looks forward to resuming our travel awards and library fellowships programs as soon as it is safe to do so.

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