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ASECS Executive Board Member and Officer Nominees, 2022

Dear ASECS Members,

In accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws, I write to share with you the Nominating Committee’s slate of nominees for the 2022 ASECS elections.


President Wendy Wassyng Roworth, Art History, University of Rhode Island

First Vice President

Lisa Freeman, English, University of Illinois, Chicago

Second Vice President

Gregory Brown, French History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Paola Bertucci, Italian History, Yale University

At-Large Seat # 1

Alison Conway, English Literature, University of British Columbia

Emily Friedman, English Literature, Auburn University

At-Large Seat #2

Barbara Naddeo, Italian History, CUNY

Meghan Roberts, French History, Bowdoin

I and the Executive Board would like to thank Clorinda Donato (Chair), and the other members of the Nominating Committee—Scott Breuninger, Jack Lynch, Carole Paul, and Christina Ramos—for their extensive and careful work. Beginning this summer, the Committee worked expeditiously to develop a strong slate, and then took on additional work when they were informed that ASECS would also need to elect the Society’s president for next year.

The Nominating Committee submitted their report to me prior to the constitutionally required deadline. That report makes clear that navigating this unprecedented situation was no easy task. The Committee followed the Constitution and Bylaws scrupulously. Many members nominated individuals who were ineligible under the constitutional requirements for disciplinary diversity. The Committee’s report suggests that our governance documents are in need of reform on many fronts, including the protocols for presidential nomination and succession. After extensive consideration and deliberation, the Committee nominated Professor Wendy Wassyng Roworth for the presidency.

At this point, members may petition to add additional candidates to the ballot for the Member-at-Large seats, 2nd Vice-President, and, this year, for President. Instructions for the use of petitions are found in Art. VII, sections 5–6 of the Constitution and Bylaw 7 (available at Nominees must also be eligible to serve under the requirements for disciplinary diversity outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws. The list of disciplinary categories can be found in Bylaw 3, and the requirements for disciplinary diversity on the Board can be found throughout Art. V–VII of the Constitution. Petitions must be sent directly to me, at Per the Bylaws, I must receive those petitions by January 25, 2022, 65 days in advance of the Annual Meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about the process of submitting petitions or the eligibility of candidates.



Mark Boonshoft

ASECS Executive Director