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CFP: Art and Science of Collecting

The Art and Science of Collecting in Eighteenth-Century


Edited by Dr. Arlene Leis and Dr. Kacie Wills

We are inviting chapter abstracts for a collection of essays designed

for academics, specialists and enthusiasts interested in the

interrelations between art, science and collecting in Europe during

the long 18th century. Our volume will discuss the topic of art, science

and collecting in its broadest sense and in diverse theoretical

contexts, such as art historical, feminist, social, gendered, colonial,

archival, literary and cultural ones. To accompany our existing

contributions, we welcome essays that take a global and material

approach, and are particularly keen on research that makes use of

new archival resources. We encourage interdisciplinary perspectives

and are especially interested in essays that reveal the way in which

women participated in art, science, and collecting in some capacity.

The compendium will consist of around 15 essays, 6000 words each

(including footnotes), with up to four illustrations. In addition to these

more traditional essays, we are looking for shorter (circa 1,000 words)

case studies on material objects pertaining to collections/collectors

from that period. The subject of art, science and collecting will also

be central to these contributions. These smaller pieces will each

include one illustration. The following topics/case studies are

particularly desired:

• Women’s collecting interests

• Histories and methodologies of collecting, taxonomies, cataloging, arrangement, and modes of display

• Cabinets of curiosities/Wunderkammer

• Catalogues

• Collections housed in art and/or science institutions

• The boundaries between the natural and the artificial

• Scientific and artistic tools and instruments

• Seriality vs. rare objects

• Transitional objects

• Conservation

• Collecting networks

• The artist collector

• The scientist collector

• The overlapping of science, art and collecting in domestic spaces

• Antiquarian collections

• Print culture

All inquiries should be addressed to Arlene Leis,

or Kacie Wills,

Essay abstracts of 500 words and 300 word abstracts for smaller case

studies are due January 30, 2019 and should be sent along with a

short bio to:

Finished case studies will be due July 30, 2019, and due date for long

essays will be September 30, 2019.

More information: