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Expanding the Eligibility to be Considered for Publication in Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

The editors of Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture are pleased to announce that we are expanding the eligibility to be considered for publication in the journal in recognition of the drastic changes to conferences and other academic gatherings imposed in the short term by the COVID-19 pandemic and in the long term by climate change.

Effective immediately, SECC will be happy to consider for publication revised versions of papers and roundtable remarks presented in any public venue by a member of ASECS or of a learned society affiliated with ASECS or ISECS between JULY 1, 2019 and JUNE 30, 2021. This includes papers that were scheduled to have been given at conferences that were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic; it also includes papers given at virtual conferences, in other online formats, or as part of any public event.

For more information on the journal and our submission requirements, visit, and please feel free to direct any questions you might have to SECC’s editor, David Brewer <> , or its associate editor, Crystal B. Lake <>.

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