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New MLA Mentorship Initiative

The MLA is starting a new mentorship initiative in the forums (LLC, CLCS, etc.), focused on issues of professional development.

I'm writing as the secretary of the 18th-Century Comparative Forum (CLCS 18th-C) to invite graduate students, contingent faculty, and junior scholars to be matched with mentors. 

After only two days, we already have a long list of mentors who have volunteered for different aspects of professional development, including reading drafts of fellowship applications, articles/book/dissertation chapters in progress, and sample job materials, conducting mock interviews by Skype, and discussing issues of career diversity/alt-ac positions.

If you need to renew your MLA membership, please visit You can be a member of 5 forums, and you can join as many forums as you'd like on MLA Commons.

Please spread the word to your friends and colleagues in other departments and universities, and to prospective graduate students and recent graduates in 18th-century studies.

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