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UPDATED Reminder to Submit Abstracts for BWWC "Borders" Due January 31

The organizing committee of the 2022 British Women Writers Conference recognizes that the recent Omicron surge has made the start of many people’s semesters challenging. For that reason, we are extending the abstract deadline to January 31st. Thank you to all who have already submitted their abstracts. We are looking forward to an exciting and energizing event May 19–21! For more information about the conference and this year's focus on "Borders," please visit our website. To submit an abstract, please use the form found here. Sincerely, The BWWC organizing committee

The organizers of the 2022 British Women Writers Conference held this year at Baylor University invite papers and panel proposals interpreting the theme of “Borders” in 18th- and 19th-century British women’s writing. In response to the 2021 BWWC “Reorientations,” panels and papers on topics related to race and ethnicity are especially welcome.

The 18th and 19th centuries were exciting and disorienting periods in British history as the borders of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, geography, economics, and aesthetics were drawn and redrawn on the cultural map. This flux manifested itself in physical and ideological “border crossings” between the rural and urban, the religious and the secular, the domestic and the professional, the private and the public, the metropole and the periphery, and so on. The theme of “Borders” invites contributors to articulate and speculate on crossing, redrawing, transgressing, retreating from, and reinforcing such dividing lines.

Borders may be broadly interpreted to include scholarship concerning borders within and between scholarly disciplines, borders within form and genre, political and geographical borders, socio-economic boundaries and borders, and borders between individuals or identities, particularly those of diverse racial or ethnic identities.

For a full description of the CFP and other conference information, please visit the website at:

Abstracts are due January 14, 2022, and may be submitted through the website at

For questions, please email

We hope to see you in May!

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