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Virtual Jane Austen Summer Program June 17-20, 2021

This year’s virtual Jane Austen Summer Program will explore “Jane Austen’s World,” focusing on the author through her letters and the acclaimed Claire Tomalin biography, “Jane Austen: A Life.” Open to scholars and Austen fans alike, the four-day online symposium will feature panels, small-group discussions, workshops (creative writing, turban-making and handwriting), theatricals, and more. Guests this year include Janine Barchas (“The Lost Books of Jane Austen”), Mary Robinette Kowal (the “Glamourist Histories” series) and Robert Morrison (“The Regency Years”). Cost is $95 through April 1; $115 after April 1. You also have the option to purchase a Deluxe Regency Parcel, featuring goodies and materials for all workshops, to supplement your JASP experience. See the website ( for more details or email

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